Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Logan goes to the Hospital

Last Friday was the scariest day of my life.... things started out as usual, except Logan had a cold and was a little cranky... so it made sense to me when he kept asking to drink water and seemed a little out of it and lethargic...
here he is playing with the boppy while watching cartoons... we were playing around with hair gel that morning in an attempt to remedy his botched haircut
 during his nap he was fussy, and i looked at our video monitor just in time to see him start seizing... i ran in, grabbed him and ran to the neighbors house, screaming for help... they called 911 and we were transported to Dell Children's Hospital.  That ambulance ride felt like it took forever, and logan was continuing to have seizures... i was also starting to have contractions due to stress... and i am pretty sure the ems guy was getting nervous thinking he was about to deliver a baby!  We were greeted by 30 staff members at the ER, including the chaplin and social worker... this made my head swim .. it was a completely surreal experience... and i was still having contractions in the ER.. which was making lots of people very nervous... and only after we knew logan was going to be ok did i allow myself to completely break down and cry my eyes out!
 logan spent 2 nights in the ICU having every test imaginable done... CAT scan, EEG, MRI, Ultrasound, continuous blood draws and urine sampling.  After the anti seizure meds wore off he was still pretty puny, but his spunkly little personality started to shine through... the nurses loved his mohawk... (all thanks to the glue in his hair from the EEG) here is my big brave boy, still not feeling well, but wearing his hospital gown like a super hero cape
 eventually he got tired of being in the bed, but he was still hooked to lots of monitors, so we had to stay close by.
 tired boys... nobody sleeps well in the icu...so you've gotta nap when you can 
 starting to feel better! 
 he was a big fan of the food... once he was allowed to eat he chowed down like a champ! 

 on our last day there, he was able to get out and explore the hospital.  he was doing a water deprivation test, which meant NO fluids for 14 hours... and hourly vitals/labs... for a kid that basically drinks water ALL day, he did better than we expected.. we were able to explore the play rooms and different outdoor areas in between his checks... i think we exhausted all of our options that day... he is one busy boy... the play room in the step down unit was amazing... they had everything a kid could want...his favorite thing to do was paint! 
 in the end we found out that his continual water-drinking habit had changed the gradient in his kidneys, meaning that they were not regulating his fluids well for some time... and friday he took in an enormous amount of water, which made his sodium levels dip down, resulting in the seizures...
as soon as we got home he wanted to walk to the park... you would never guess that this kid was in the ICU just 48 hours ago (unless you look closely and see all of the bruises and sticky stuff left behind from all of his iv's)
we have been SO overwhelmed with they love given to us by friends and family this week... we are so glad to be home with a healthy kiddo... and also glad that baby girl stayed put while big bro was getting squared away.  

 we are still amazed at how God's hand has been all over this situation... from my being able to see his seizures start, to my neighbors who were running late while trying to leave town, allowing them to be there to help us.  and of course we felt like we were in the most capable hands at the hospital.  The staff at Dell Children's is absolutely amazing.
The lessons we have learned are that life is so fragile, every day is a precious gift, and above all else God is in control, all the time.

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Bethanie said...

It is SO great to see him back to his normal self!! And the hospital pics are so cute. Thanks for sharing this update.