Friday, November 2, 2012

Logan's First Halloween!

Here are a few pics from Halloween... the only thing scary about our day was Logan's killer cough... poor guy is down with ANOTHER bug..... but he still managed to get into a few things.... and i did get him into his costume a few times.... here are a few pics of his halloween adventures....

we took these pics on sunday, before halloween... so glad we did... bcs our little lion was in bed by 6:30 on the "real" halloween.... next year he will be terrorizing the neighborhood...
this year mommy and daddy got the "treats" of sitting on the driveway with a glass of wine and great conversation with new friends!  it was a wonderful way to get to meet most of our new neighbors while we passed out candy!

 aunt holly took these pics... she is SO talented! 


 "hey!  look what i found!!!"

 he sure was excited to play with the candy! there must be a chocolate-loving gene... i am fairly certain he's got it... haha! 
 he even made is "funny face" to show just HOW excited he was about the candy.... 
next year he will get to eat some... then he will REALLY love Halloween!


Kelli said...

He really does take those maracas everywhere :)

Love the new blog revamp, too!

Carrie said...

Logan, you were the cutest lion!! And Kristin, sounds like y'all had a fun Halloween out on the driveway...I should've done that!