Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Charlotte's 1st Birthday

Can't even believe our baby girl is ONE!!! wow!  her "baby year" flew by in a whirlwind of feedings, diaper changes, silly faces and squealing! She is getting more and more personality by the day!  We love our little "funny face"... happy birthday, preshy girl! 

 her party theme was "look whoooo's one".... owls, of course! 
 me n the birthday girl  before the party started! 

 we did a "watch me grow" banner... i LOVED this.... so glad we did our monthly photos!  sometimes it felt like a pain, but it is SO great to see those pics and watch how her little face has changed over the last year!
 not too sure about all this hoopla.... 

 "happy birthday to you!".... logan loved getting to sing to his sister... and he CANT WAIT for his turn

she didn't eat one bite of cake.... she just played with the frosting..... 
big bro had to show her how to open gifts... 
she loved playing with the bags and bows! 
daddy is such a good sport! i love this pic of them together
 Happy Birthday, Char-Char!  We love you! 

Friday, December 5, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014

Just a few pics of our Thanksgiving celebration this  year!  
I'm realizing that having 2 busy kids really makes for an action-packed and sometimes exhausting meal-time experience! 

Charlotte and Daddy before dinner
 Logan was not too excited about dinner... he just wanted to play trains...
 prayer time! love that our family does this... and i think this year's prayer was the shortest one ever!
 Jamie made the cutest decorations for the table!  She even made place cards... even Char had one!
 the fabulous table-scape.... way to go jamie! you are the pinterest queen! 
 the yummy spread! complete with Grammy's dressing, GG's cranberry salad and a TON of potatoes!
 char liked the rolls! 
 we all squeezed into the kitchen to eat!  (*Chuck and logan were in the bathroom for most of the meal... potty training... good times!*)
 Meems and Charlotte enjoying an after dinner walk! haha
 after dessert we played a fun new dice game.... i have a feeling this will become a new family tradition! so fun! (and poppy won, of course!)

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

October Update!

Halloween has come and gone and i cant believe we are into november already!  here are a few pics of our halloween and an 11 month update on char! cant believe this is the last "monthly" update before she turns ONE! wow 

logan really embraced the idea of saying BOO this halloween.... 
"mommy, can you see logan anywhere?"

 char took a super long nap on halloween and was a little tardy to the party... she woke up with the cutest bed head ever....
 poppy came over to have pizza and pass out candy,..... the kiddos loved playin on the harley!
 look who's crawling like a big girl! 

 pin up girl ! haha! 
 char was an owl for halloween.....

 she really hated that hat! 

 logan was a"football guy"... i didnt get many pics of them together this year.... mommy fail 

 the boys on the driveway having the traditional halloween guinness! logan got to stay up late.... he was SO tired from all that trick or treating! 
 and here is our big girl!  11 months, i cant even believe it!  she has become very chatty and curious! getting into everything and teething nonstop! she has 5 teeth and is workin on 2 more.... this month her favorite things are pulling up, cruising around the coffee table, pulling on chords, playing with plug covers and door stops and following logan around, of course! she will just talk and talk " da dada da da da"   or "ta ta taaaa tatatatataa" ... she get's pretty animated, it's cute. she kind of has 2 words, "nana" for banana and "ni ni" for night-night... she really does love to eat bananas and sleep...

 .... did i mention she is busy?  oh, and she's a climber too....
 namaste! haha look at that crow pose! 
 love that toothy grin!  from the looks of it, she is gonna have her mama's teeth...better start saving up for braces soon! 

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Pumpkin Patch Pics

A few weeks ago i won a pumpkin patch photo session... i was SO pumped about it, bcs i missed my chance to sign up for this as they sold out in 10 minutes!  anyways, here are the pics from the shoot.... Erin at Darling Photography did an amazing job... or, at least i think so.... but i am completely biased and tend to think my kids are the cutest on the planet :) 

 telling char all about halloween and pumpkins
 she has 3 teeth, just in time for halloween.... we have our own little jack-o-lantern smile
 logan was being sweet.... char's face cracks me up
 the patch at Revival had a space ship.... and truth be told, he was more interested in that than the pumpkins
 haha! erin even got a pic of me with my crazies.... as you can see, we were DONE 

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

10 Months!

i know i say this every month, but how is this even POSSIBLE??? she is getting SO big and busy!  this month she started pulling up and really enjoys the view!  she can see more of big brother's toys and does her best to grab for everything he has all the time!  here are a few pics from her 10 month photo shoot!  

 she figured out how to make herself rock back and forth... it was so fun to watch her figure it out! this month she has also learned to sign "more" and "all gone".... she is a social butterfly and is always waving to people when we take logan to school... the louder and crazier the it is, the more she likes it!

this one is gonna be my climbing kid.... she is trying to climb out of her exersaucer and has figured out that she can throw her head forward and lift her feet up off the ground!  whew!  it's getting busy around here.... i am gonna go make myself another cup of coffee....