Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Their First Conversation

Yesterday I was getting dinner ready... Logan and Charlotte were having their first conversation, so i grabbed my phone and caught some sweet video.... (and obviously logan was very excited about his menu for the night.... ) i love how they are starting to interact a little bit!

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Charlotte is 4 Months Old!

 Char is getting so big and busy!!!  This month she has gotten much more verbal, started wiggling all over her crib at night and is already trying to start sitting up!  She weighed in at 15 lbs, 10 oz last week and we will get an official height next week... she is already outgrowing her 9 month sleepers... she is one tall little lady!  She has entered the land of the 4 month sleep regression, so she is up every 2 hours... hard on mommy, but i know it's temporary (or at least that is what i keep telling myself!)
Here are a few pics from the month! 

Quality time playing with Logan and Daddy after dinner 

 Love her little elf ears... 
 like i said, she is noticing EVERYTHING lately... it was almost impossible to get her to look my way for the picture.. the was mesmerized by that hot pink tutu!  (and really, what girl wouldn't be?) 
 My big girl sitting up with minimal help!  She's gonna be chasing logan pretty soon! 

Wednesday, April 2, 2014


 It's springtime in Texas and that always means one thing... we all make the pilgrimage to one of the many fields of bluebonnets for annual family pics!  The weather was so nice last weekend we just had to get out there and snap some photos of the kiddos... 
 Needless to say the kids weren't psyched about this little adventure... it took lots of bribery, distraction and even a little threatening to get a few semi-decent photos! 

Our first family picture!  It only took 4 months and this is a cell phone selfie, but it still counts! haha! 
They look like such happy children... 
but let's  be honest, logan is 2 (a very defiant 2 i might add) .... char was coming down with yet ANOTHER cold... these pics show a little more of our reality here lately

 love her expression here... 

 um... yeah.... this picture sums up our life right now.... 
Happy Spring, yall! 

Saturday, March 29, 2014

March Madness!

This month just flew by in a frenzy of visitors, spring break adventures and sick babies!  Here are a few pics from our busy month! (I am starting a new scrapbooking system and primarily use my phone to snap photos of the kiddos... so i don't have that many to share right now!) We started March with a quick visit from Aunt Lori and cousin Jimmy.... Logan LOVED jimmy... they were buds for the day!  
Charlotte loves to swing her arms and kick her legs on this little play gym... big brother thought he'd try it out and see what all the fuss is about.... haha 
 Snuggles on the couch with Daddy!  This was right before our do-si-do of colds started....
 char has has 3 colds in her 3 first 3 months of life.... such is the plight of the poor second born child... gonna be one tough cookie i think 
Meems came to visit mid month... what a treat to have her around for a few days!
 st patricks day! i really LOVE this festive little ensemble! Thanks Grandma!

 Grandma and Peen Pa came to see us at the end of the month.... here are the boys with their toys!  Daddy git a new grill! THANKS Grandma and Peen Pa!

 unfortunately, logan came down with a wicked virus/ear infection during their visit.... but he managed to rally every day... apparently you can never be too sick for tool time in the garage :)
 wish i had more pics of their visit... but most of them are on my phone!!!  fun was had by all and it took Logan about 3 days to fully recover from all the spoiling!
the "grandparent hangover"... this kid was one tired pup!! thats the sign of a great visit :)

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

3 Months Old!

 our sweet girl is 3 months old!!! 
this month she discovered her hands and loves to chew on them or clasp them together... it always looks like she is plotting something....
  look at that chub!  she weighs 14.8 lbs and is in 6-9 month clothes!  she is one LONG baby!  she has started to settle into a little bit of a schedule and even teased me by sleeping through the night twice!  haha!  we are still up at 2 and 5 to nurse, but luckily she is going to bed around the same time as logan and mostly falling asleep on her own!  yay!  
 she makes the funniest faces! she is getting more expressive and vocal every day
 and of course big brother got in on the photo shoot action... he wanted to eat his grapes and strawberries in "baby's chair".... so glad that the strawberries all ended up in his mouth and not smashed on that chair! 

 after about 30 seconds he had moved on, and decided he preferred to sit on the window sill.... silly boy! 
logan loves to play with charlotte.. he likes to show her his cars and build towers for her with his blocks... he also "reads" to her before nap time... so sweet... he always asks "where's the baby?" if he can't see her.... hope he is always sweet toward her like this! she is OBSESSED with her big brother.. and will cry if i move her so that she can't see him.... i love that she is so easily entertained by him.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Charlotte is 2 Months Old!

I know i say it every month, but time is FLYING by with this baby!  She is growing like a weed!  At her 2 month well check she was 12.4 lbs (84%) and 23.75 inches (92%).  She is one long baby!  This month she has started to settle into a little more of a routine.. .and has learned how to sleep longer at night.... YAY!  that is something to celebrate!  She is still sleeping in our room, but will be making the transition to her crib as soon as we get her monitor set up...  this month she started smiling, cooing and kicking her legs a LOT!  she loves to flirt with the ceiling fan and watch her big brother run amok.  She is still as snuggly as ever... which this mama loves
Here are a few outtakes   extra pictures from her monthly photo shoot... as you can see her little personality is starting to bubble up to the surface

little miss prim and propper

 so serious
 straight chillin...
 and my personal fave... the "stink eye"... she does this face a lot... 

Monday, February 3, 2014

chatty boy

lately logan loves to let me know he's awake by saying "mommy, were ARE you ?".... sometimes he will try to get out of napping all together by calling me at the beginning of naptime... that doesn't quite work out how he wants it to.
here are 2 videos i got last week...

not quite sure what he was trying to tell me at the end of this video... but ya gotta give him points for enthusiasm ... i'm thinking it had something to do with bob the builder...

... concrete? not sure...