Sunday, August 17, 2014

Summer Fun!

Summer is just flying by!  We have had so much going on, i cant believe we are halfway though august! Here are a few pics of our summer adventures! 
In July we had a "riata reunion" with some of our friends from our long lost single days!  So much fun to see everyone that could make it!  So many kiddos born into this group in just a few short years!!! 
 Next it was time to pack up and get ready for our first family road trip as a foursome! 
 Playing with poppy the night before we left!  
 We had a great walk on the promenade in Hot Springs! 

 Logan learned how to fish off the dock behind our house... his favorite thing was feeding the ducks....
 a family photo on grandpa's birthday! 

we had fun celebrating the birthday boy!  logan loved helping decorate the cake and putting up the birthday decorations for our party! 

 "happy birthday, to you! happy birthday, to you!" 

 proof that i was on the trip too!  i managed to get a pic with my boy after we went to this delish cupcake shop! 
too bad there's no family resemblance... haha! 
 we were all sweaty and hot as we made our way through the botanical gardens... so many cool things to see! and since they were both wearing cute outfits from grandma we needed to stop for a photo op! 
and last but not least, Char's monthly update!  She turned 8 months old on our trip! she is getting SO big and busy!  she is not only rolling all over the place, but has figured out how to army crawl too!  watch out world!  logan is not too sure about her skills... he is not crazy about sharing his toys with her.... and she is always trying to get whatever it is that he is playing with... and so it begins....

 she weighs 20 lbs and is quickly outgrowing her 18 month clothes!  she is still a big fan of mealtimes, won't take a bottle, and has mastered the skill of feeding herself rice puffs and baby crackers....
 "watch out big brother... i am coming after your toys!!!!" 
love this preshy girl! 

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

July! (7 months)

Here's my monthly blog post!  I have come to accept the fact that getting in one blog a month is gonna be my new normal....
Charlotte is 7 months old!  She has sprouted her first tooth and is LOVING solid foods!  That girl can EAT!!!! She's 19 lbs and already outgrowing her 12 month clothes!!!  i can NOT believe how fast she is growing!
 her favorite thing to chew on is the rubbery spoon.... she gets one to chew on and i use another one to feed her with
 she is really good at grabbing puffs.... although she seems to prefer me to just put them in her mouth... can we say high maintenance? haha... in fact just today i was showing her how to grab a puff and she just grabbed my hand and brought it to her mouth so that i could put it on her tongue
 love this pic... i have a feeling i will be seeing this look a LOT in the future... amazing how much she looks like logan in this pouty picture! 

 another funny face!  i take about 100 pics every time we do our monthly photos.... so i have a LOT of out-takes 
 logan showing char how to play the piano!  he is such a good big bro... always wanting to show her how to do things... but he's NOT a fan of her using his tools or his cars... we're working on it
happy 4th of July! Didn't make it to any parades this year.... nap time was the priority! 
 char was dedicated at church on sunday!  Our church doesn't do infant baptism.  Instead we do baby dedications.... we stand up in front of the church and the pastor prays for the kiddo and the family. We are basically commit to God and each other that we will try to raise our child to know Jesus's love and ask the congregation to help us do so.
 the family!  so glad everyone could come celebrate with us!  it was so fun having the whole family together at church! 
 attempting a family pic... haha..... 
 he's not picking his nose.... but he's two.... so photos are a crap shoot 
 later that afternoon we had everyone over for a cookout to celebrate.... such a rare treat to get together in the summer time! 
 char's nose started running like a faucet on sunday afternoon... she's cutting her second tooth... she was a trooper but she was not feeling very well for our little shin-dig... here she is with her uncle sean!
 logan was SO excited about our "par-TAY"... here he is telling me that it's time for cupcakes....
 that boy loves his sweets! and after he ate that cupcake he told me we needed "pren-sents".... haha... i guess when you are two and get cupcakes it must mean it's a birthday party! 

Saturday, June 21, 2014

She's gonna be a busy one!

I have no doubt that this girl is going to be on the move VERY soon!  she has already gotten even better at scooting around in the last week since i took this video! i love how she uses her toes to push herself forward... and check out that reach!  maybe she will be daddy's swimmer.... or a hard hitting volleyball player? one thing is for sure, her hand/eye coordination is pretty darn good!

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Seriously? .... how did this happen????

It's JUNE???? Life has been a blur of busy-ness this month, as Logan finished up his first year of pre-school, Chuck is transitioning into a new role at work and I am just trying to stay afloat with the day to day stuff that comes with being a mom of two littles!

Here are a few pics from the last month!  I could not believe that i had over 400 pictures on my camera.... so this is just a glimpse of what we've been up to lately!

Logan and Charlotte love to just hang out together!  This month they have really become more aware of one another and it is so sweet to watch.  Logan was "reading" to char while i was making dinner...
 once logan saw me taking pictures, he wanted to read to me.... notice lil sis is still watching him!
 Logan LOVES to clean off the patio!  haha! such a big boy! 

 Mother's Day!  I woke up to this beautiful sight... and the waffles were fantastic too!
 more playing.... logan was fixing his truck... it is so fun to watch his little imagination come to life more and more each day!
 as you can see, he still includes his "foof" in pretty much everything. 
 did i mention the boy LOVES to build with blocks?  he was so proud of this "castle" that he asked me to take a picture of it!
 Logan needs a hair cut! 

 one of his favorite things to do is help me get "baby sister"  up after naptime... on this particular day he was also showing her some of his toys.
 bath-time cutie! 
 more playing! 
 Charlotte can sit up!  she is really getting good at it ... this one is gonna be moving pretty soon i think!
 trying to get a cute picture for her baby dedication at church... she wasn't feeling it.... she is the queen of the stink eye, and her teeth are starting to bug her too, so she makes the funniest faces! 
 yes, we have TWO in diapers.... just thought i would document it... bcs i spend a lot of my time dealing with diapers every. single. day!
 a sweet moment between the two of them...logan loves to try to make char smile... 
 6 months old!!!  can't believe we are half way through charlotte's first year! 
we went to her well check yesterday and she is one big girl!  18 lbs, 20z and 26.75inches long... 83%ile for both height and weight... perfectly proportional! haha!  this is such a fun age!  she is getting really expressive and inquisitive about everything around her (especially her big bro) 

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Char is 5 Months Old!

 Char is 5 months old!!!  She has really gotten to be a chatty girl!  She smiles, laughs and likes to play with all of the different sounds she can make.  She is getting more wiggly every day...
 .... in fact it was a little tough to get her to sit still for her monthly photo shoot!
 She is obsessed with her toes too!  So fun to watch her discover everything around her!

... and she's started teething too!  oh boy! let the fun begin! 

She is also trying to roll over... and when that doesn't work, she just tries to scoot closer to wherever logan is!